Baked Apples

Bob Jensen Apple Baker

Last week we were in Hood River and I was amazed by the acres and acres of fruit trees weighed down by bushels of ready-to-be-picked apples and pears. I love this time of year when months of sun and fun produce a harvest of delicious tastes and smells. As our senses explode with all fall has to offer and we look forward to a season of thankfulness, I’m reminded of simple pleasures. Life doesn’t get much better than a crisp and delicious apple enjoyed on a sunny fall afternoon, unless of course it’s an apple baked to perfection with brown sugar and cinnamon. Savor the smell before you taste the goodness!

You’ll need: An apple, your favorite toppings – we use brown sugar, raisins, and cinnamon, an apple corer and a Bob Jensen apple baker.

Apple Baking Supplies

First: Core your apple and place the cavity over the nub in the apple baker. That stone button cooks the apple from the inside.

Core Your AppleSecond: Fill the hole in the apple with whatever toppings you like. We use brown sugar, raisins or craisins and cinnamon. Then microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy!

Fill Your Apple with Goodness

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Watch the video:


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