Christmas Traditions: Nativity Night

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year and when I was a little girl I counted-down to the day when we would bring out the boxes to decorate our house for the holiday season. When I close my eyes I can still smell the apple cider and cinnamon in the air and hear my favorite Christmas carols playing on the record player. I’ll never forget the delight I felt as the ornaments were removed from the boxes and the tree was covered with lights and tinsel. And then the most special part of the evening would come when my mom would pull out a flat cardboard box that was well-worn by years of use. We would lovingly and gently unpack and arrange each piece of the nativity. My mother would remind me to be extra careful because this was my Grandma’s nativity passed down to us so that we always remember the true meaning of Christmas.

When all the pieces were out and placed and the light, disguised as the star, was turned on to illuminate the manger scene, my mother would tell us the story about that night so many years ago when there wasn’t any room in the inn.

Now I have that flat tattered box. Its corners are held together with ragged tape. Each year as I unpack the box, I treasure the memories it holds. I carried on the tradition of the unveiling of the nativity each year with my own children. We too would snuggle up with cocoa and in the glow of the Christmas lights we would read the nativity story. Soon I’ll pass this very special and well-loved nativity on to my children so that they can carry-on the tradition with their own kids. Four generations of my family have celebrated every Christmas with our well-loved and well-used card-board nativity set.
Now I’m lucky enough to own a store and I get the opportunity to share my love of Christmas with my community. A few years ago we started a new nativity tradition. We kick-off our holiday season with a grand nativity showcase.

Thursday night, September 19 between 5 and 8PM we’ll feature nearly 50 different nativity scenes. We hope you’ll come and enjoy this fall preview and maybe you’ll be inspired to start a nativity tradition of your own.


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